An overview of Requity Homes rent-to-own program, including how it works, who it's for, and the referral program. By the end, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the program and its benefits for potential homeowners and referral partners.

Closing Date

Our team will ensure payments and paperwork are complete. Our partner realtor arranges a final walkthrough with clients to ensure the home is in a good condition prior closing date.

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What is expected during the pre-closing & final walkthrough?
Our team will work with your clients to make sure that all payments have been made and paperwork has been signed. We will also email your clients with a move-in checklist including directions on setting up utilities and insurance.

Our partner realtor will help arrange a final walkthrough appointment with your clients prior to closing to make sure the home is in a good condition. If not, please notify Requity Homes of any last-minute items requiring immediate attention from the seller (trash, damage, outstanding repairs etc.).
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What is expected during closing date?
Requity Homes will work with our lawyers to sign final closing paperwork electronically and send the closing wire to the seller’s lawyer.

Our partner realtor will help clients coordinate the key exchange. Once our lawyer confirmed that the home is closed and title has transferred, we’ll notify our partner realtor to hand off keys to our clients. The seller’s lawyer will handle any commissions owed to you.