A new path to owning  home

We buy, you rent

Rent your dream home now, buy it later

Why Requity Homes

A clear path to home ownership 


Rent and move into any home for sale in your desired neighborhood. 

Lock in your future buyback price

Know what you're going to pay right from the start. No surprises!

Own more of your home every Month

Save your down payment one month at a time until you're ready to buy.

Flexible Terms put you in the driver's seat

Buy back the home or

cash out your savings,

it's your call! 


How It Works

Rent your dream home now, buy it later

Step 1

Get Pre-Qualified

Get pre-qualified to see your buying power and the type of homes we can help you own. 

Step 2

Find Your Home

Pick any home for sale and check it out with our partner agent or your own until you find your dream home.

Step 3

We Buy, You Rent

We buy your home upfront. You rent it from us at the market rent while building your savings.

Step 4

Buy Back or Cash Out

When you are ready to get a mortgage, buy back the home or cash out at any time after two years. 

How much does it cost?

Start with as little as 2% down 

 Initial Deposit 

Before you move in, you will need 

2% of the home price as the initial down payment

First and last month rent, as usual

 Monthly Payment 

After you move in, you will need 

Rent that is in-line with the market

Savings that can be put towards down payment

 Buy Back 

When you are mortgage ready

Use the initial deposit and accumulated monthly savings to buy back the home at a pre-agreed price 

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