Turn your rent into a home

We buy, you rent

Save up your down payment one month at a time

Why Requity Homes

A clear path to homeownership 

No Down payment Required

$0 needed to start saving up your down payment over time


What you pay each month stays the same for five years. No surprises!

Own 2-3%

of your home every year

Earn 2-3% of your home every year and own up to 10-15% by Year 5

Flexible Terms put you in the driver's seat

Buy back or cash out your home any time after two years, it's your call! 


How It Works

Rent your dream home now, buy it later

Step 1

Get Qualified

Sign up now to see the type of homes we can help you own. 

Step 2

Find Your Home

Pick any home for sale and check it out with our partner agent or your own until you find your dream home.

Step 3

We Buy, You Rent

We buy your home upfront. You rent it from us at a fixed monthly payment earning 2-3% of the home annually.

Step 4

Buy Back or Cash Out

When the time is right, buy us out of the home or cash out at any time after two years. 

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How Much Does It Cost

Two flexible tiers

Acorn Plan

  • One-time refundable deposit of $1,000

  • Lower monthly payments than Sapling Plan

  • Earn 2% of your home every year. That works out to 10% by year 5!

Sapling Plan

  • One-time refundable deposit of $2,000

  • Higher monthly payments than Acorn Plan

  • Earn 3% of your home every year. That works out to 15% by year 5!


Let's look at math! 

How we help you turn your rent into a home



Alex rents a 1-bedroom condo in downtown Toronto

The home is worth 


Alex needs to save


down payment 

Alex pays


per month to rent it

"I feel like throwing money down the drain with rent payments"  - Alex

 Requity Homes - Acorn Plan

Alex gets qualified with us and we buy the home & rent it out to Alex.

Alex earns

2% of home

every year


down payment  required

Alex pays


per month 


towards owing a home* 

"Finally my rent is making money for me!"  - Alex


*Assumed 5% price appreciation/year and buy back after 5 years.



rent payment


Check out how your rent feels smaller over time

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Disclaimer: The savings toward the home for Alex shown above is for illustration purpose and is based on certain assumptions that management of Requity Homes believe are appropriate in the circumstances; however, there can be no certainty that these assumptions will be correct. This example is indicative only.