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Move into your dream home today. Buy it back later at a guaranteed purchase price. We’ll help you build your credit and down payment along the way.

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How it works

Get pre-qualified

Get pre-qualified to assess your eligibility and buying power - it's free and will not impact your credit score.

Find your dream home

You pick the home you'd like us to purchase from realtor.ca. We buy it for you. It's that easy!

Rent now and buy later

Rent your dream home now and buy it back later at a predetermined price when you're mortgage-ready.

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Why rent while you can rent-to-own?

Live in your dream home today
Rent and move into any home for sale in your desired neighborhood.
Build your savings
Save your down payment one month at a time until you're ready to buy.
Lock in your future buyback price
Know what you're going to pay right from the start. No surprises!
Flexible terms put you in the driver's seat
Buy back the home or cash out your savings, it's your call!
Build credit score through rent reporting
Report rent payments to credit agencies to help you improve your credit scores.
Financial counselling unique to your situation
Learn from the one-on-one financial education tailored to your circumstance.
An illustrative example
Initial Deposit
Home price
Down payment (2%)
Monthly Payments
Rent payment
Savings towards down payment
Total monthly
Buy-back at Year 3
Buy back price*
Cumulative savings
*This buy-back price is fixed. Even if the home value is higher, you are guaranteed to pay this amount.

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Requity is a great fit if...

Fair credit

Your credit score could use a small boost

We understand things happen. You may not have the perfect credit score today. We will work with you by providing a stepping stone.

Low savings

You could use a bit of help saving for a down payment

Saving for a down payment can be tough. You can start our program with as little as 2% down. Even better, we have a savings plan built in that will help you save more every month.

New to Canada

You're new to Canada and looking for a home

It's hard to immigrate to a new country without any credit history. We get that. That's where we can help.


You don't have 2 years of operating history

Most lenders require two years of income history for self-employed individuals. But there is a cost of waiting. We can help you bridge that gap.

Success Stories
All the tools you need in one workspace, All the tools you need in one workspace
Amanda who bought in Sault Ste. Marie
“I would 100% recommend Requity Homes if you needed an alternative route to buy a house. So far, it has been the easiest house purchasing experience we have encountered.”
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Jeff who bought in North Bay
“We're so happy to be able to continue living in the home we've rented for almost 6 years! Our experience has been very straight forward and has us on track to own our home in 3 years”
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Hear it from our customers

"I would 100% recommend Requity Homes if you needed an alternative route to buy a house. So far, it has been the easiest house purchasing experience we have encountered."

"My husband and I arrived last January in Canada and without credit life, we found it hard to apply to buy our own home, with Requity Homes buy the house that we want for the future was not a problem."

"We previously had a home we had a basement collapse on and had to suffer a bankruptcy on. With Requity, we were able to be homeowners again in the new future. Highly recommend!"

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