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What is Requity Homes?

Requity Homes is a tech-enabled real estate platform that helps transition renters into homeowners through a modernized rent-to-own program. Our solution offers flexible homeownership to renters by allowing renters to save for their down payment one month at a time while also benefiting from rising home prices.

Is this a loan/mortgage?

No! Requity Homes helps you buy the home and allows you to save your down payment one month at a time, with each payment going towards building equity in your home. After 2 years, you have the option to buy the home from Requity Homes or cash out. No questions asked.

Which areas does Requity Homes operate?

We are currently live in the Greater Toronto Area and are actively looking to expand to other cities throughout Canada. Please contact us at to request a new city expansion and/or sign up to receive notifications.

Application Process

How do I qualify for Requity Homes?

Sign up through our website or contact us at to express your interest. Our team will reach out to you to help you get qualified.

What factors do you look at when qualifying me?

At the start, we'll ask you for a few pieces of basic information and to provide proof of your income, assets and credit - similar to the qualification process a bank would require. Supporting documents required could include: 1) Most recent pay stub 2) Employment letter 3) Notice of assessment 4) Credit report 5) Bank statements

What happens after I get qualified?

We'll provide you with an estimate of your maximum buying power and connect you with our experienced partner realtors to start searching for your first home.

Home Searching

What homes are eligible for the Requity Homes solution?

Any home listed for sale! Once you've been qualified and we've identified how much you can afford, you can start visiting places with of our partner agents or your own. We don't purchase leasehold or modular homes.

Do I need to have a real estate agent?

No! We will refer you to our partner realtors to help you find your dream home.

Who is responsible for closing costs related to the home purchase?

Requity Homes is responsible for all of the costs associated with the initial home purchase. However, you will be responsible for closing related costs when you decide to buy the home from us.

Living in your Dream Home

Who is responsible for maintenance?

Requity Homes covers any major repairs that impact whether your home is safe and habitable (i.e. roofing, HVAC, etc.) However, you are responsible for notifying us of issues as they arise. Requity Homes does not cover minor repairs. We also will not pay for repairs required as a result of any intentional or negligence.

How much is my monthly payments?

It depends on your home value and your savings goal towards the end of the lease term. The greater the home value, the higher the payments will be.

Who is responsible for property taxes and condo fees (if applicable)?

We are! All taxes and condo fees are covered by us.


How can I buy back the home?

Anytime after two years, you have the option to buy back the home at the pre-agreed price.

What if I walk away from the buy back, what will happen to my fractional ownership?

You can cash out your equity at any time after 2 years and will get a full refund minus transaction fees.

How quickly can I cash out?

After you initiate the cash out process, we will list the property for sale on the market or find a replacement tenant. We guarantee you will get your money back within 180 days.

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