Search and explore a wide selection of properties that are move-in ready and have no known structural issues.

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After you get fully approved, we'll provide you with a recommended home shopping budget so that you can start home shopping with our partner realtor or your own realtor.

Work with realtors to shortlist homes that are move-in ready. We want to help our clients purchase high-quality homes that they can eventually own.

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What homes are eligible?
  • Homes needs to be move-in ready. We cannot purchase any homes that are not currently habitable.
  • Type of homes are freehold single-family homes and townhouses
  • Homes have to be on municipal water and sewerage
  • Located in areas with minimum 50,000 population
  • Homes priced between $150,000 to $600,000
  • Homes with major systems upgraded recently
    1. Furnace/Heat source - HVAC system is 15 years of age or less
    2. Air conditioning - HVAC system is 15years of age or less
    3. Water heater -  10 years of age or less
    4. Roof - 15 years of age or less
  • No rural properties
  • No leasehold or modular homes
  • No condominiums or cooperative housing
  • No homes with known hazardous materials (e.g. vermiculite insulation, asbestos etc.)
  • No homes with structural or foundation issues
  • No homes with an existing lease in-place where the lease date is beyond the closing date
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Home description red flags that might not pass our inspection criteria
  • Sold as is
  • Fixer-upper
  • Handyman special
  • TLC required
  • Not habitable
  • Home has no interior photos

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