An overview of Requity Homes rent-to-own program, including how it works, who it's for, and the referral program. By the end, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the program and its benefits for potential homeowners and referral partners.

Prepare for Conditions

A home inspection is required to make sure that the condition of the home that we're going to purchase have no major structural issue.

Schedule inspection, coordinate financing and appraisals with us before waiving conditions on accepted offer to ensure a trouble-free closing experience.

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What do you need to prepare to waive home buying conditions?
  • Inspection
    You're responsible for inspecting the home at your own cost. The realtor can help arrange the appointment, and it's recommended that you accompany the home inspector to learn about any issues. Share the report with us once it's complete.

    If there are no major issues, we will waive the condition.
    If there are major issues, we won't be able to purchase homes with significant structural problems. We may walk away or ask the seller to make repairs.
  • Financing
    We will handle the home appraisal and coordinate with our lender. We will email you the appraised value, and if it's lower than the offer price, we'll negotiate with the seller or consider walking away.
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What is needed to waive conditions?
If both parties agree to the home conditions, we'll request your consent via email to remove the conditions with the seller.
  • Signed Option to Purchase Agreement
  • Signed Standard Lease Agreement
  • Provide the remaining deposits