Struggling to save a down payment for a home?

Saving for a down payment can be tough. You can start our program with as little as 2% down. Even better, we have a savings plan built in that will help you save more every month.
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Every payment gets you closer
A large chunk of your monthly housing payment goes straight towards your down payment. No gimmicks or hidden fees.
You pick your dream home
Move into your new home today. Buy it back later at a guaranteed purchase price. We’ll help you build your credit and down payment along the way.
Rent Now and Buy Later
Rent your dream home now and buy it back later at a predetermined price when you're mortgage-ready.
The Requity Home Difference
Meet Amanda and Brand, who bought with Requity Homes.
Move in today
Our program helps get you into your dream home 2-3 years faster than otherwise possible.
Build your credit + down payment
Enjoy all the benefits of living in your own home while setting yourself up to buy it back.
Guaranteed purchase price
We agree on a buy-back price ahead of time, so you have peace of mind that you won’t be priced out.
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This tool is intended for informational purposes only and not as an offer of service from Requity. Nothing on this page shall be construed to constitute fees, terms, a guarantee or any other service. Qualification is at the discretion of Requity.
Who qualifies for Requity?
How it works
General Requirements
A minimum credit score of 550: all applicants need to meet the minimum credit score. We will review your credit report in detail including your total debt outstanding and recent loan delinquencies.
At least one family member is currently employed full time or have other sources of steady income
A minimum household income of $50,000 annually or $4,200 monthly: You can add a co-applicant in your application if the co-applicant will be living in your home with you and is over 18 years old.
Savings: 2-10% of the initial home price. We will evaluate each application on a case by case basis. The exact down payment will be confirmed during your full approval.
Not currently in a bankruptcy or consumer proposal
Top questions
Who qualifies for Requity Homes?
Generally, we require a minimum credit score of 550, annual income of $50,000 and $5,000 savings.
What homes are eligible?
You can pick almost any homes listed for sale publicly and privately. Generally we buy freehold move-in ready homes (check out our FAQ page for a list of a few exceptions).
How does Requity Homes make money?
We make money from your rent and the price appreciation. Keep in mind, we will pay for land transfer taxes, lawyer fees and other closing costs when we purchase the home for you.