Nov 1, 2021
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Rent to Own a Home in Thunder Bay, Ontario

You will find that Thunder Bay is a fantastic place to live, whether you’re a single person or if you’re starting a family. The city focuses on community development with many outdoor, recreational and arts activities throughout.

Rent to Own a Home in Thunder Bay

If you’re thinking about settling down somewhere in the Canadian province of Ontario, you’ll want to make sure you’remaking the right decision.


Thunder Bay is one of the most beautiful cities in Ontario. Property prices can be somewhat high in certain areas, which is why so many buyers choose the rent-to-own option instead of purchasing them outright.


Here’s what you need to know about rent-to-own homes in Thunder Bay.

Why Thunder Bay?

Before diving into the mechanics of renting to own in Thunder Bay, let’s discuss the city itself. Why is Thunder Bay such a great place to live? As a picturesque waterfront community, you’ll find that you can peacefully enjoy the scenery of this location and be able to escape the big city life. The vast and beautiful Lake Superior is one of Thunder Bay’smain draws, as it is the largest lake in the world. The city is also home to Lakehead University, a highly respected university known for its excellent student atmosphere.


You will find that Thunder Bay is a fantastic place to live, whether you’re a single person or if you’re starting a family. The city focuses on community development with many outdoor, recreational and arts activities throughout. This includes skiing, canoeing, and hiking on popular trails such as Kakabeka Falls.

The Advantages of the Rent to Own Approach

One of the most significant barriers preventing people from buying homes in Thunder Bay is the prices. Home values are solid, which is a good thing, but that also means that it can be more difficult for people to afford to buy property in the area.


Fortunately, there is a solution to this. It’s called rent-to-own. When you start looking for rent-to-own homes in Thunder Bay, you’ll find that you can get a lot more bang for your buck. Here’s anover view of some of the most distinctive advantages of seeking out arent-to-own home in Thunder Bay.

You’ll Have More Buying Power

When you choose to rent to own, you’ll have more buying power. You can pursue a property that would otherwise be out of your range and truly enjoy what you invest into.


If you buy a property outright, you’ll need to be able to qualify for a certain amount of financing or pay a large lump sum.For example, while you might not be equipped to readily afford a $250,000 home outright, you can probably afford to rent it.


By renting to own, your rent money will go towards the eventual purchase of the property. That’s the beauty of renting to own. You’ll eventually own the property for yourself. Folks that just rent a house under conventional terms will have to keep saving up to eventually own their own much later.


If you rent a home conventionally, your rent money will burn. That’s because your payments won’t contribute to the procurement of an actual asset. When you rent to own instead, it’s a different story. The property will be yours once you’re all paid up, and you’ll have a valuable asset of your own.

You’ll Feel Invested

Another advantage of choosing to rent-to-own in Thunder Bay is that you will feel invested. You will stand to own the property eventually and will feel that your hard-earned money is going to the right place.


It feels good to be invested in a property.While making rent payments, you get to enjoy living on the premises as you pay your way towards becoming a homeowner.  

You’ll Be Able to Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

Instead of having to wait 10+ years to save up enough money to buy a property or build enough credit to finance it, you’ll be able to move right in.


As long as you can keep up with the rent payments, you’re golden. Why trudge through life working overtime every week and squirrelling money away to put towards an expensive purchase when you couldmove in right away and rent it until you own it instead?


Renting to own gives you the freedom to access valuable properties that you wouldn’t be able to afford under conventional circumstances.

Is It Smarter to Rent to Own or to Buy Outright?

Is it wiser to rent to own, or is it a better idea to buy property in Thunder Bay outright? Overall, it’s best to rent to own, even if you can afford to finance the purchase. You can defer paying for the entire purchase price when you rent to own and break it up into manageable monthly payments.


Renting to own is more straightforward and often cheaper than taking out a loan from a bank. Why? Because the bank will want to charge interest to make it worth their while.


Although some sellers may choose to charge some form of interest and incorporate it into the rent payment, the rate is typically lower than what you would pay most financial institutions.


Renting to own makes it possible for buyers with bad credit to live in their dream home while building equity. Overall, renting to own is the way to go in Thunder Bay, Sudbury, and other cities throughout the Dominion of Canada.

Live the Dream With Requity

Requity Homes has built a strong reputation for helping people with bad credit earn the chance to live in their dream home.How does it work? We can help you by purchasing the perfect home for you and giving you time to save up the money you need to achieve ownership.


Struggling with bad credit can be disheartening, but it doesn’t have to be. Solutions exist. Once you get in touch with the team at Requity, you’ll finally be free of your circumstances.We’ll guide you through the process after you pick out your dream home and give you the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.


Log onto get a free quote from Requity to see the benefits of renting to own in Thunder Bay and get started!

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