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A New Country, A New Home, A New System

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Requity Homes Rent to Own Success Story of Maria & Jose Andrade
As an immigrant from Colombia, owning a home seemed impossible, yet within just one year of landing in Northern Ontario, Canada, thanks to Requity Homes’ rent-to-own program, María and José Andrade are now on track to be owners in 2 years.
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“Home is where we feel safe, happy, and peaceful and where we can spend time with family and friends without disrupting someone else.”

For María and José Andrade, home is that safe space they can count on no matter how their day goes. It’s one of the simplest things to want in life, yet also one of the most important. A place to call home.

As a newcomer all the way from Colombia, María faced a brave new world in Canada back in 2021. Moving to a new country comes with its own fair share of challenges and finding the right home was an immediate priority for the couple. Looking at the options they had when they got here, she and José looked into renting to own and that’s how they got in touch with Requity Homes.

She fondly recalled, “We connected with Amy immediately, and she guided us on this journey with the help of a realtor Tracey Rutkauskas at Exit Realty here in Sault Ste. Marie.” Right from the start, Requity Homes felt like a great fit for the couple to fast-track their path to homeownership. “We had to find a house that met all our requirements and fit within our budget… but Tracey and Amy helped us a lot and kept us motivated to find the perfect home,” she said. 

Challenges Come in All Forms

Whether you’re new to Canada or born here and dealing with credit rating issues, there will always be challenges that can prevent you from getting your dream home. Requity's mission is to help bridge the gap between you and your dream home via a rent-to-own program. For María and José, it was as simple as helping them know where they needed to start. From knowing what paperwork is needed, how much money needs to be set aside, and the ideal budget for them, when considering their income and circumstances, Requity Homes brokered a deal for them to get closer to owning a home within 2 years. It’s an alternative path to home ownership that is perfect for people who need just that little bit of help to get over the last few hurdles to homeownership.

That Unexplainable Feeling

María and José emotionally recounted. “The moment Amy called us and told us that we closed the sale and that the house was our home, and then we received the keys - we just can’t explain how it feels. It’s like our dreams materialized into reality!”

Requity Homes lives for these moments of happiness. Owning a house is a major milestone, and it can truly change your life. For María and José, each step they took was them “working to build a beautiful house we can call our own.”

Let Their Triumph Be Yours

Owning a home can really make a difference in your life. From not knowing the first thing about how to purchase a home in Canada to finding a house they can purchase even if they haven’t established a strong credit score just yet, Requity Homes bridged the gap by helping them rent to own their dream home.


Their success story is just one of the many who know that renting to own with Requity works. Are you looking to build your own success story as you think about taking your first step into home ownership? Get in touch with us, and pre-qualify for a rent-to-own program. It just might be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make!

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Your home ownership begins here.

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