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Rent to Own: The Realistic Solution to Your Down Payment Problem

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Rent to Own: The Realistic Solution to Your Down Payment Problem
Imagine if you could start living right away in your dream house with an initial down payment that starts at 2%. Would this be enough of a push to get you to become a homeowner?
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Imagine if you could start living right away in your dream house with an initial down payment that starts at 2%. Would this be enough of a push to get you to become a homeowner?

Let’s be honest: it’s not easy putting down a huge amount of money to own a house. In Canada, you can pay anywhere from 5% upwards for a downpayment, alongside other miscellaneous costs. It’s one thing to have enough money to buy a house within 5 years. It’s another to have a significant chunk of that money up front.

Saving up is the logical choice. Unfortunately, this assumes that the amount of money you’re saving can keep up with the price of real estate. A recent study by the National of Bank of Canada highlighted the growing gap between wage growth and the cost of housing in Canada and reported real estate prices have oustripped increases in salary by a significant margin, requiring many Canadians to save more money over longer periods of time.

You might be saving up, but it might not be enough to keep up with housing prices. Until that contract between you and the seller is drawn up, every single dollar you are saving up for is aiming for a moving target that keeps on moving further away.

An RBC Spring Survey has shown that this gap has discouraged 36% of non-homeowners under 40 from pursuing their dream of owning a home. Most Canadians believe they will be priced out of the housing market in the next decade. That gap is not going to close itself up, and if you can’t afford a down payment, how do you expect to ever cross the gap?

Why Rent To Own Is the Solution

Renting, when contrasted with buying a home, seems manageable. But imagine: a lifetime of paying rent is a lifetime of money that did not go towards something you could own. 

It might seem that you are stuck between two unpleasant options: renting indefinitely, or being constantly unable to pony up the down payment you need to buy a house. But there is another option. 

How Rent To Own Changes The Rules

Under a rent to own arrangement with Requity, you get started on your journey to home ownership for as low as 2% down. Once your application has been approved and you have selected your dream house from a site like, we buy that house for you at today’s prices, with the intent of selling it back to you in the future at a predetermined price.

Over the next few years, you will now rent that house, and a chunk of the rent you pay is set aside as savings for you to buy the house back at the end of the rent term. Your rent isn’t just being paid aimlessly this time - it’s serving a greater purpose.

When the time finally comes, we give you the choice: you can now buy back the house of your dreams at the price we’ve determined from the start, or you walk away and take your savings with you.

It’s the best of both worlds. You are renting at a rate that you can afford, but a part of your rent also works as savings for you to buy that very house in the future. You just empowered yourself to make a choice, with the financial leverage you were lacking outside of a rent to own scenario. All this while actually already living in your dream house! It’s a win-win scenario if there ever was one.

For you to know if a rent to own home is good for you, it has to follow the 3 F’s:


You should realistically be able to see yourself in a position to buy back the house after a few years.


Your savings towards your dream home should go back to you in the event you decide to not buy back the house.


Your regular payments should be well-documented and reported.

We at Requity Homes believe in empowering our clients, which is why we provide them with the knowledge they need to make an informed decision. Buying a house is a major decision, and we take it as seriously as you do. You are not alone in this.

Requity Homes Benefit

Requity Bridges the Gap

That growing gap between your wages and the rising prices of real estate may widen year on year, but through renting to own, Requity bridges the gap for you. You bypass the huge down payment by breaking it down one month at a time. The best part:  once you’ve saved enough  money, you’ll get to buy the dream house you’ve always wanted.

Whether you are looking to rent to own in Calgary or rent to own in Ontario or rent to own anywhere in Canada, Requity is here to make your dreams come true. Having a roof over your head to call your own is an important milestone in any Canadian’s life, and it’s one that we want to help you reach in a manageable, flexible, and realistic way.

Don’t pass that opportunity up. Inquire with us today, and we’ll help get you started on the road from renter to owner in just a couple of years. You’ll be glad you did.

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Your home ownership begins here.

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