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Rent to own, reinvented! Help your existing clients become homeowners faster, and get access to new leads.  Partner with Requity today - we can help turn your unqualified leads into home buyers.
Why work with Requity?
Get pre-qualified leads
Help more clients become homeowners
Earn more commissions
We share motivated, pre-qualified leads to you when our clients are ready to rent-to-own a home.
We can help clients who don’t qualify with traditional lenders become homeowners.
We purchase the home, your client moves in, and you earn full commission, within days.
Cities we are working in:
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Thunder Bay
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North Bay
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Sault Ste. Marie
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How it works
Refer your clients to get pre-qualified
Help them find their dream home
Close the home purchase
Refer your clients to us to get pre-qualified. It’s free and won’t affect their credit score.
Once your clients are fully approved, help your clients with their home shopping journey until they find their dream home.
You will represent us as the buyer in purchasing the home of your client’s choice and earn your full commission when we close the transaction.
“Requity Homes offers absolutely incredible service and support. Very personable and professional. They reached out to me looking for a local partner here in Sault Ste. Marie. We met via zoom and we instantly connected. They see a problem in the housing market that affected so many qualifiable buyers being turned down by lenders for not meeting all their current lending criterias. They discovered a way to bridge the gap from being stuck paying ridiculous rental rates to affordable home ownership. This is a company that actually cares and to me that speaks volumes.”
- Tracey Rutkauskas
EXIT Realty Lake Superior, Brokerage
President, Sault Ste. Marie Real Estate Board
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