How does it work?

Our modernized rent-to-own program allows you to try before you buy a home. We will purchase the home of your choice upfront. You can move in today, start saving and getting ready for a mortgage. When you’re ready, you can buy back the home from us at a predetermined price. Here is how it works in detail:

Step 1: Apply to pre-qualify. Find out your eligibility and home budget - it's free!

Step 2: Find your dream home. Once you are fully approved, you will work with our partner realtors to find your dream home and we'll buy it for you.

Step 3: Move in and save up. Rent your dream home today on a fixed monthly payment, a portion of it goes to your monthly savings of your down payment.

Step 4: Buy your home or walk away. When you’re mortgage ready, you can buy back the home at the pre-set price from us or walk away and cash out your savings.

Getting Started