How does Requity Homes compare to renting?

Unlike traditional renting, Requity Homes offers a new path to homeownership allowing you to choose almost any single-family home listed for sale and rent it from us while we help you get ready for a traditional mortgage. You’ll be able to choose from a broader set of homes. This gives you expanded homes to choose from and likely higher quality.

You have the exclusive rights to buy back the home from us at a predetermined price: 1) We can’t sell the home to anyone else during the duration of the rent-to-own term; 2) Your future purchase price is locked in; even if the home price goes up higher, the price you pay remains the same. That means you can potentially buy back the home at below future market value, enabling you as a renter to potentially benefit from rising home prices through Requity Homes.

You can make cosmetic upgrades to the home and make it your own. No need to call us if you want to add a fresh coat of paint or put a nail in the wall!

That being said, it does come with its own commitments where you need to provide an initial deposit and if you change your mind, there is a non-refundable transaction fee.

Rent-to-own can be a great stepping stone if you’re serious about owning a home and are committed to starting your path to home ownership.

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